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  • Coping with personal stress

    Coping with personal stress

    How do I cope with stressors I cannot eliminate? Learning to cope with stressors can have a huge impact on your quality of life. You can improve both your mental and physical health by learning a few techniques to use at home. Learning to Relax Deep Breathing Mindfulness Meditation Message your coach today for more […]

  • How do I rate with stressors?

    How do I rate with stressors?

    How do I rate with stressors? Take this survey to see how many potential stressors you have in your life. (all yes/no questions) Do you ask for help when you need it? Do you keep your things in order? Do you get enough sleep? Do you make time to do things you enjoy? Do you […]

  • What are stressors?

    What are stressors?

    What are stressors? We all face challenges and have different stressors in our lives. Can you identify some of these common stressors in your life? What are your personal stressors? Once you have identified your personal stressors it is important to differentiate between those stressors that can be eliminated and those that can be reduced.  […]

  • What is stress?

    What is stress?

    What is stress and what causes it? Stress is a physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. Stresses can be external (from the environment, psychological, or social situations) or internal (illness, or from a medical procedure). What are the signs of stress? Changes in sleep or eating patterns, difficulty concentrating, worsening […]