How do I rate with stressors?

How do I rate with stressors?

Take this survey to see how many potential stressors you have in your life.

(all yes/no questions)

Do you ask for help when you need it?

Do you keep your things in order?

Do you get enough sleep?

Do you make time to do things you enjoy?

Do you just say “no” to things you don’t really want or need to do?

Do you know what situations make you feel stressed?

Do you make a do-do list of the most important things to do?

Do you remind yourself however works best (calendars, alarms, etc).

Do you set small, doable goals?

Do you try to solve your problems promptly? 

Do you take care of your body and mind?

Do you count to 20 in your head when you are stressed?

Do you soothe yourself with a massage, soak, tea or calming music?

Do you give yourself a pep talk talk?

Do you try to relax when you feel stressed?

Do you do yoga or other stretching exercises?

Do you take a breather away from stress whenever you can?

Do you talk about your feelings?

Do you cut back on caffeine?

Do you do something to get active when stressed?

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