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  • How Does Exercise Affect My Blood Glucose Levels

    How Does Exercise Affect My Blood Glucose Levels

    How does exercise affect my blood glucose levels? Although physical activity has huge benefits for people with diabetes, it can also cause hypoglycemia.  Low blood glucose can be serious if you aren’t aware it might be happening.   Why does exercise cause hypoglycemia? Exercise helps lower blood glucose levels by increasing the body’s insulin sensitivity (its […]

  • Increase My Physical Activity

    Increase My Physical Activity

    Today I will increase my physical activity 10 minutes daily till I reach total of 150 minutes weekly and track it with my band.

  • Fitting in Fitness

    Fitting in Fitness

    Tips for Fitting in Fitness Finding time for fitness is easy; it just takes a little planning and creativity. If you haven’t been exercising, start slowly and build up. Your weekly goal is simply 150 minutes of activity at a moderate pace or more, which breaks down to only 20 minutes a day. The best […]

  • 150 minutes of Physical Activity

    150 minutes of Physical Activity

    Why is 150 minutes of Physical Activity Important? 150 minutes of physical activity a week are crucial to a healthy lifestyle. It has been proven that adults with 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week or more have a lower risk of: Is finding 150 minutes challenging for you? Finding time for fitness can […]