Fitting in Fitness

Tips for Fitting in Fitness

Finding time for fitness is easy; it just takes a little planning and creativity. If you haven’t been exercising, start slowly and build up.

Your weekly goal is simply 150 minutes of activity at a moderate pace or more, which breaks down to only 20 minutes a day. The best part about this is you can achieve your daily fitness goal while doing your daily activities like parking your car.

For example, park your car in the furthest distance from your office or mall. The walk to and from the building will knock out five minutes of exercise. If you need to visit the 3rd floor, skip the lift and take the stairs. The short stair climb will give you another five minutes of activity, and you’re already halfway through your daily workout. It’s that simple!  

Other ways to fit in fitness

  • Dance, march or jog in place while watching TV.
  • Walk your or your neighbors dog. 
  • Go out and dance with your friends
  • Join a walking club, golf league, soccer club, or softball team. 
  • Play soccer, tag, or kickball with your kids or grandkids. 
  • Push your child or grandchild in a stroller. 
  • Take a fitness class. 
  • Talk on the phone with a friend while you march in place, walk, climb stairs, or pedal a stationary bike. 

Ways to  fit in fitness at work

  • Ask your co-workers to hold stand-up meetings.
  • Join a nearby gym. Stop off before or after work. Or go during your lunch break.
  • Sit on a fitness ball, instead of a chair.
  • Take a brisk walk during your coffee or lunch break.
  • Take part in a fitness program at work.
  • Talk to coworkers in person, instead of emailing them.
  • Use a copy machine on the other side of the building.
  • Walk around or march in place while you talk on the phone.
Tips: Get your friends and family involved. Let them know your 20-minute daily fitness goals and ask them for support and ideas to get moving.

Think about what you do every day and how you can add activity to those tasks, and you are on the right path to wellness.

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