You have successfully completed the first half of your new lifestyle program. Take a moment and think back when you first started this journey. 

What changes have you noticed?

We started with education, and weight logging. How has your weight changed since you first started this program? 

Do you notice any differences in how your clothing fits? In how much energy you have? In how others interact with you?

How has your diet changed?

You have learned a great deal about nutrition in this program. You have learned how to eat healthy and balance your meals to manage your condition. 

What changes in your diet have you made? Have you noticed any changes in weight, energy, or your physical state such as hair and nails?

How has your activity level changed?

You have learned a great deal about activity and exercise, and how this impacts your overall health.

You have learned how to increase your activity and exercise in small, simple ways. Have you noticed any increase in stamina, strength, or overall feeling of wellbeing?

Are small changes effective?

Can you see the big changes that have resulted from small changes in your diet and exercise routines? 

Take a moment to celebrate your successes. Choose a non-food related item and celebrate how far you have come. 

Now make a commitment to continuing on your healthy lifestyle journey and taking it to the next level. 

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