Reassessing Your Targets


You have successfully completed your lifestyle program. Take a moment to acknowledge your successes and celebrate what you’ve accomplished.

Maintain Your New Lifestyle

To maintain your new healthy weight, you have to look at your life in maintenance as a continuing journey. There will be ups and downs, but things will even out. Maintaining a healthy weight is simple when you are consistent with your new healthy habits, and don’t go back to your old lifestyle.

Continue to challenge yourself with new goals

You’ve learned many healthy lifestyle skills in this program. Keep using these skills in the months and years to come.

Track your food, activity, and weight. Tracking tells you if you are meeting your goals. Plus, it helps you see places where you are doing well, and places where you could improve.

Don’t  Stop

Stay motivated. Set new goals. Celebrate your successes. Keep trying new recipes, cooking styles, and ways to be active. And remember that your GluCare Health Team is always there to help and support you.

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