What are triggers?

What are triggers?

Triggers can be sights, smells, sounds, or feelings that you react to in a certain way, without even thinking about it. They can also be people, places, activities, or situations.

Some triggers are helpful. For instance, when you see something unfamiliar you may sense fear or caution.

But other triggers are harmful. 

These include triggers that keep you from reaching your eating and fitness goals.

These triggers commonly happen while you shop, eat, or exercise.

How do triggers affect my diabetes?

Harmful triggers can strike us at any time. These triggers can tempt us to buy and eat food that is not on our current meal plan. Triggers can also stop us from exercising as we have planned. 

Learning to adjust your lifestyle to a healthy one is essential to controlling your weight, blood glucose levels and your diabetes.

Unhealthy influences, like triggers, can keep you from reaching your goals and plans. 

It is important to know your own triggers and learn how to avoid, eliminate, or manage them. 

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