What are sitting triggers?

What are sitting triggers?

Triggers can be sights, smells, sounds, or feelings, so they can strike at any time. Commonly, triggers are found when attempting to exercise. 

What are common eating triggers and how can I deal with them?

Close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself at your ideal weight and feeling healthy. Is this worth the effort of exercising? Yes. 

Unfortunately, sometimes that is hard to remember. There are many triggers that can keep you from following a healthy activity plan. The key is to identify your triggers and learn how to avoid, eliminate, or cope with them.

What are my triggers?

Have you ever experienced any of these triggers and responses before exercising?

Feeling tired so you decide not to exercise.

Feeling sad, stressed, angry, or mad and eating something unhealthy even though you aren’t hungry and it isn’t on your meal plan.

Your joints or feet hurt

You like to lie on the couch and watch TV after dinner.

How do I deal with my triggers?

Some triggers can be avoided, others need to be managed. If you tend to avoid exercise because you are feeling tired, you could take a short nap or get more sleep at night rather than not exercising. 

If you don’t feel like exercising when you are stressed or angry, decide to go for a walk to clear your mind. 

If you don’t exercise because your feet or joints hurt, visit your podiatrist and get recommendations for good shoe support, or take up an activity like swimming that is easier on your joints. 

If you like to lie on the couch after television you could try a stationary bicycle to ride while watching TV or lifting weight or using resistance bands. 

It is important to know your own triggers and learn how to avoid, eliminate, or manage them. 

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