Eat Well at Social Events

Eat Well at Social Events

Special occasions are an important part of life, and with a few strategies you can make it through almost any social situation without sabotaging your weight loss journey or diabetes control.

To prepare for social events

  • Have a healthy snack at home so you won’t be too hungry. This will help you make healthy choices at the event.
  • Tell the hosts about your eating plan. Tell them you are eating this way to prevent type 2 diabetes. Ask them to support your efforts.
  • Suggest some healthy choices.
  • Ask if you can bring something healthy.
  • Practice saying, “No, thank you.

To eat well during social events

  • Allow yourself a small treat.
  • Ask about ingredients and how dishes were prepared.
  • Rather than packing your plate with high- calorie appetizers, fill at least half of your plate with raw vegetables.
  • Fill up on non-starchy veggies or a broth-based soup.
  • Keep a glass of water in your hand.
  • Say, “No, thank you.”
  • Choose the healthier options from the buffet. Salads and vegetables are always good ones to choose, try to start with them.
  • Tell other guests about your eating plan, and why you are following it. ”
  • Limit alcohol. If you’ll drink cocktails, try to choose soda-based regular ones. You can continue to drink a glass of white wine all night, if you add ice cubes in it.
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