Weight Logging

Why do I need to log my weight?

Weight logging is an important part of healthy lifestyle changes.

It helps you track your progress and adjust your plans going forward.

How does it work with my band?

If you were given a weight scale it was designed specifically to connect with your GluCare App and your device.

This scale and device will log the data of anyone that uses them, so make sure only you do. It is important you are tracking only your own progress.

What if I already have a different scale?

Some scales may be able to connect directly to your app.

The list of compatible devices can change over time so please message your Coach to see if your scale is compatible. If it is not, your coach can help you find one that is.

How do I Log my weight accurately?

It is normal for your weight to vary slightly each day. Diet, exercise, and even the clothes you wear all affect daily weight. Even drinking water can increase your weight during the day temporarily.

For the most accurate weight possible, weigh yourself at the same time each day wearing the same things. Don’t be upset at small variations and instead, watch for general trends over time.

When should I start seeing progress?

Your health program is a journey, not a quick fix. The focus on long-term, sustainable change means it might take some time for you to see consistent weight loss.

Don’t let this discourage you! Take it one step at a time, and start with a step onto the scale!

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