Why Should I count Carbohydrates?

Why should I count carbohydrates?

Diabetes interrupts the delicate balance of glucose regulation. 

If you use insulin, carbohydrate counting will help you manage your blood glucose levels by matching your mealtime insulin dosage to the amount of carbohydrates you are consuming. 

What is Carbohydrate Counting?

Carbohydrate counting (carb counting) means tracking the amount of carbohydrates you consume through meals, snacks and beverages. 

This meal planning tool can help you predict how much glucose will be entering your bloodstream after you eat, and thus manage your blood glucose levels better. 

Why is it important to manage blood glucose levels?

Keeping your blood glucose levels within your target range helps you feel your best, and prevent or delay diabetes complications.

What else affects blood glucose?

Alongside carb counting, it is important to monitor these other factors, so that you stay in your own personal blood glucose target range. 

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