What Is Advanced Carbohydrate Counting

What is Advanced Carb Counting?

Advanced Carb Counting is also known as Basal-Bolus insulin therapy. It involves a routine where a longer acting form of insulin (basal) and shorter acting form of insulin (bolus) is used to regulate insulin levels through-out the day. 

This approach may also be called intensive diabetes management.

Basal/bolus insulin therapy is not a do-it-yourself approach.

This approach may seem hard at first, but it might give you more choices and flexibility when planning your meals.

To get started, write down what you eat and drink for a few days and how many grams of carbs you eat for each meal. Record your blood sugar level before and about 2 hours after each meal. Doing these things helps you see how your meals affect your blood sugar. Share this information with your GluCare Diabetes Educator through the GluCare App.

You, your GluCare Dietitian, and Diabetes Educator will calculate how much insulin you need to use to balance your blood sugar levels with a specific amount of carbohydrate. Your team will also suggest approximately how many grams of carbs you should eat at meals and snacks. Then you can choose which foods you would like to eat at those times.

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