What are Active Lifestyle Choices?

What are Active Lifestyle Choices?

Lifestyle choices are conscious behavior choices that affect overall health and wellbeing. Healthy lifestyle choices, such as increasing activity lead to improved health and wellbeing. Unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking, leads to a decrease in health and wellbeing.

Active lifestyle choices mean creating opportunities for yourself to include more activity in your daily routine. 

How Can I Include More Active Lifestyle Choices In My Life?

There are many simple ways to increase physical activity. You can start by making simple lifestyle changes such as:

Standing more and sitting less.

If you work at a desk all day, create a workstation that requires you to stand (and therefore move more). 

Creating opportunities to walk more.

Try getting off the elevator 1 or 2 floors earlier and taking the stairs the rest of the way. 

Being active with your family and friends. Add leisure time activities to your weekly routines such as bike rides, hikes and walks around the neighborhood. 

Taking advantage of your chores.

Contributing to housework will not only keep your house organized but also can keep you healthy.

Getting some fresh air. 

Even 10 minutes of daily gardening can increase your total physical activity. 

Engaging with technology. 

Instead of static games, treat yourself to video games focused on dance, sports, or movement. 

Incorporating activity into the everyday.   

Try placing some simple equipment like a yoga mat or resistance ball in your living room, so they are easily accessible while watching TV. 

There are countless opportunities to increase daily physical activity, all you have to do is look for them.

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