Healthy in 3 Smart Steps

Healthy in 3 Smart Steps

Nutrition is a key factor in diabetes control. There are 3 Smart steps to take for making your nutrition plan come to life.

Plan Smart

Taking the time to plan meals in advance helps you balance your meals to meet your diabetes needs. This also will help you save time shopping and avoid extra trips to the store. 

Shop Smart

“Smart shoppers” search for bargains in more than one type of store, take advantage of special deals, and minimize the number of minutes spent in the grocery store. 

Cook Smart

When deciding which recipes to try, look for recipes that will fit into your meal plan. To make the most of your time once you’re in the kitchen, simply save some of it to serve later. This is called “batch cooking”. 

Bach cooking is a great opportunity to stock the freezer days when you don’t feel like cooking or have the time to cook.

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