Safety Tips Prior to Physical Activity

Physical Activity and Your Safety

You should consult your Care Team before starting strenuous physical activity.

Remember to take into consideration the activity type, mode, duration, intensity, and frequency. It is also important to ensure you are wearing appropriate shoes to avoid injury.

Why Should I Take Safety Steps?

Exercise puts an extra demand on the body. Using new muscle groups or even using unfamiliar equipment can be challenging in the beginning.

You can always ask your Care Team if you are unsure about something!

How Can I Be Safe When Being Active?

After consulting your Care Team on physical activity and exercise, follow these steps to ensure safety:

Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration

Wear athletic shoes that fit well and are comfortable.

Make sure you are familiar with any new equipment you are using.

Change the settings on any machines according to your height, weight, and strength.

Important Reminder:

If you feel unusual symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, or severe nausea during or after activity, you should contact your care team right away. If you are unable to reach your care team immediately call 998 and request assistance.

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