It’s not a cheat, it’s a treat!

It’s not a cheat, it’s a treat!

Preventing diabetes should always be your goal, and traveling will go smoothly if you do a little planning ahead.

Trip planning should include ways to manage your diet and medications if you take any. A month or more before your trip, talk to your doctor or diabetes educator about your itinerary, including time zone changes.

Having a plan in place to deal with travel-related eating challenges is also important. The following tips will help you eat smart and manage your diet wherever you are.

Do Some Investigative Work

Before you travel, see what food establishments and markets will be close both during your travels, and once you’ve reached your destination.

If you’re traveling by plane, check what kind of meal, snack, and beverage that will be served. You can even arrange them before your flight by mentioning that you need a diabetic meal.

Go Local

Remember portion control. Too many carbohydrates will lead to higher blood glucose levels. Make your best estimate as to the portion that meets your carbohydrate goals. Adding more vegetables to your plate will always work to control your sugar levels and caloric consumption.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Ask restaurants and hotels for what you need. For instance, ask for egg and toast rather than pastries for breakfast. Remind them not to add any dressings to your salad/veggies and have control over your calories.

Take a Test Drive

Test your travel plan by taking short weekend trips before taking a two week vacation to master the eating and traveling challenges that might accompany your travel.

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