Eat the Right Amount of Food

Eat the Right Amount of Food

When you get hungry, you may feel a rumbling stomach, or a light headache. Some people feel irritable, or unable to concentrate.

When you’re not hungry, you may eat because you feel bored, sad, or anxious, have happy memories of a certain item, or just like the way the food tastes. Consuming the right amount of food is part of a healthy approach to eating.

Enjoy Healthy and Smart Eating

Healthy eating is about eating smart and enjoying your food. Here are some tips on how to eat the right amount of food.

  • Pay attention to your hunger cues. Try not to eat for other reasons, such as feeling bored or sad. Find other ways to cope with those feelings.
  • Don’t wait until you’re very hungry. If you do, you’re likely to make unhealthy choices or eat too much.
  • Don’t eat out of a large bag or bowl. Instead, portion out your food. This will help you control how much you eat.
  • Use small plates and single-serving packs. They make you feel more satisfied.
  • Focus on your food—the way it tastes, smells, looks, and sounds. 
  • Try not to read, drive, or watch TV while you eat. You’ll enjoy your food more.
  • Eat slowly. This gives your brain a chance to get the message that you are full.
  • Stop when you feel full. Pay attention to your fullness cues. Don’t stuff yourself.
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