Stay Active Away from Home

Staying active away from home can help you prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. However,  It can be challenging to stay active away from home. 

Here are some common challenges and ways to cope with them. 

I have to travel a long way.

  • If you’re a passenger, do leg lifts while you ride. 
  • Take a train. You’ll be able to walk around a little.
  • If you travel by car, make time for a 2-minute fitness break every 30 minutes.

I’m too busy seeing sights.

  • See sights while you are active (walk, bike, hike, ski, swim, or paddle).

 I’m visiting friends or family.

  • Tell them that you are being active to prevent type 2 diabetes. 
  •  Look for activities that they can do with you. Invite them to join you.

I don’t know my way around.

  • Walk inside a local mall.
  • Use walking as a chance to get to know the area.
  • Buy a map and explore.
  • Ask local people where to walk.
  • Find maps and route ideas on your computer.
  • Get a mapping app for your smartphone.

I can’t use my fitness center.

  • Pack a resistance band. 
  • Find out if there’s a local fitness center that you can use.
  • Stay at a hotel that has a fitness center or pool.
  • Rent a bike.
  • Be active in ways that don’t need fitness equipment (walk, march in place, dance, do wall push-ups, climb stairs, or use a fitness app).

I don’t have my workout buddy.

  • Be active by yourself. 
  • Ask someone else to be active with you.
  • Be active by yourself. 
  • Join an online fitness group. 
  • Contact your workout buddy for support.
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