What You Drink Makes Bigger Difference Than You Think

What You Drink Makes A Bigger Difference Than You Think

Many people don’t realize how much sugar and calories are in common beverages. A 500 ml bottle of soda contains about 17 teaspoons of sugar. Drinking one of these every day can lead to an extra 11 kilos of weight gain a year. Adding sugar to coffee can really add up.

The World Health Organisation recommends no more than 6 to 9 teaspoons of sugar per day for adults.

Milk contains vitamins, minerals, and protein. But it also contains calories. Choosing low-fat or fat-free milk is a good way to cut calories and still get the things your body needs.

How do I know how many calories I drink?

The only way to know how many calories is in a product you are consuming is to read the nutrition facts label. Be sure to look at the serving size. Is it 200 ml, 350 ml, or the whole container? And how many calories are in each serving?

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