How Do I use insulin?

How Do I Use Insulin?

Taking insulin is a very important part of treating your diabetes.

Most often, insulin is injected under the skin with special devices, like an insulin pen or an insulin pump.

At first this can seem unusual, but soon becomes an easy and normal part of life.

What type of insulin do I need?

Your Doctor will discuss the type and amount of insulin you need. 

Some insulins decrease your blood glucose levels faster, and others decrease them for a longer period of time. 

The basic types include:

There are 3 factors that make each of these different:

Onset: the time it first starts to work

Peak: the time until it is working the hardest

Duration: how long it works

When do I take my insulin?

You will need to take your insulin as prescribed by your physician. Normally you can expect to take:

Fast-acting insulin: Before meals and to correct high blood glucose.

Long-acting insulin: Normally once in the morning and often again in the evening.

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