What Medications Will I Take?

What medications will I Take for T2DM?

As a Type 2 Diabetic there are many types of medications you may use. Some are oral pills, some are injectables, and some may also have to use insulin.

Because of the large variety of medications and uniqueness of each person, your physician will work with you in the clinic to determine your medication regimen.

Will my medication ever change?

Depending on your management of T2DM, your medication regimens can change.

It is possible that through-out your diagnosis you may need to take more medications, less medications, different medications, or adjust your doses.

What are some common side effects?

Different types of medications can have different side effects. Some of the more general ones are outlined below.

• Metformin: osteoporosis, flatulence
• SGLT-2s: UTIs
• Sulfonylureas: hypoglycemia
• glp-1s: nausea, osteoporosis. These side effects should resolve over 1-4 weeks.

When should I not take my medication?

Unless your Care Team tells you otherwise, you should continue to take your medication as your physician prescribes.

Your physician may advise you to discontinue taking Metformin, SGLT-2, or Sulfonylureas if you fall ill.

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