What is a normal blood Glucose reading for people with Diabetes?

What Is A Normal Blood Glucose Reading For People With Diabetes?

Blood glucose levels go up and down with food, activity, and insulin dosages. Each person has healthy ranges specific to them and their lifestyle.
Your Care Team will help you figure out your individual goals.

Here are some common recommended ranges around meal times:

Normal ranges during exercise and illness will be different. You will learn more about those later.

What are ‘mg/dL’ and ‘mmol/L’ and What is the Difference?

Both mg/dL and mmol/L are units for measuring the amount of glucose in your blood.
Some meters show only one unit and others can show both. mg/dL is used most commonly.
For your safety, you should choose one unit of measure and always use that. GluCare will use mg/dL.

Here is a conversion chart:

What Do I Do If My BGM Measures In mmol/L Instead of mg/dL?

Changing your reading from mmol/L to mg/dL is very easy. Just multiply your number by 18.

For example:
7mmol/L x 18 = 126 mg/dL
13 mmol/L x 18 = 234 mg/dL

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