What is a CGM?

What is a CGM?

Aside from BGMs, another device used to measure blood glucose levels is called a Continuous Glucose Monitor, or a CGM.

CGMs can make life easier because they measure blood glucose automatically.

How does a CGM work?

A CGM estimates your blood glucose level by measuring the glucose found in your interstitial fluid, (the fluid between your cells) instead of measuring the glucose in your blood like a BGM.

CGMs work through a tiny sensor placed under your skin, usually on your belly or arm. The sensor tests glucose every five minutes. The glucose level is then sent to another device, like your phone, where it can be read and recorded.

What are the benefits of a CGM?

How Do You Use A CGM?

Your Care Team can help you insert a CGM and connect your readings to the GluCare App. This will help you manage your diabetes from the very first visit.

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